Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Relative Misery

Its 11:54 at night when im writing this blog. Its been a long day starting at 8 in the morning and it was only at 11 when i finally returned home. Now im perched in front of my tv in a towel writing this blog.

People all around me are complaining how miserable their lives are. The guy from my lab just recently got kicked out of the lab for being not all there in the head kept on complaining how everyone was unfair to her and he actually needed more time and training. I would totally admit what was done to him was unfair but this is the thing thats wat I went thru and I survived being one step ahead of my supervisor's demands.

This girl I was interested in called niki always complains to me how her life is miserable and how her MCP boss makes her life hell. How her last 3 bfs cheated on her and how she is always stressed from doin too many things at the same time. Before people start complaining they should take time to analyze their lives first. I mean if u are 3rice deceived by 3 different guys , u have to realize u have been shopping in the "Cheaters and Sleazebag" aisle all this while. Also what she does not focus on is that she meets a million people everyday and has no time to analyze her life and that she is perpetually headed catastrophically on the roller coaster of devastation.

Girls who have had one or two bad flings with so called "love" where a guy promised her blah blah and then didnt deliver the package they promised learn to effectively portray themselves as the poor hapless victim. I mean poor Jews in Nazi concentration camps were victims. These girls jus chose some random guys cos they were "lonely" went for dinners, received gifts, made out with them. This is not exactly being a victim. I know tons of guys done over by girls, taken advantage blah blah but none of them open their file of "my miserable victimhood". Women should really close this file otherwise they will repel the next sane guy who will come.

Misery is so perfectly relative to the situation we are in. When i was in high school eating cream cracker biscuits for lunch and traveling on a shitty school bus while the temperature was at 42 C these things didnt matter to me. On top of that we were made to wear ties to school everyday even in the worst of summer and if any french cook needed to demonstrate what "sauteed" really looked like they should have shown us.

So all these people with problems like "why didnt he love me?? " and "why were they unfair to me" jus need a bohooo cos this aint problem at all. People in africa have real problems, all these people have are a lil tiny bump on their bed of roses.

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