Saturday, April 12, 2008

Maximally Entangled Life

Its 12:18 on a Saturday night and I jus opened my laptop to find the series expansion of ln(x). There is this problem im trying to solve about mutual information in a quantum key distribution problem under a evesdropping scenario where Eve(evesdropper) is trying to create false states similar to the singlet state and trying to put a label on it. I have to prove that the mutual information between Alice and Bob is way larger than the mutual information between Eve and any one of the participents. So basically as I increase N or the number of states Eve creates information between eve and any of them tends to zero she is left out of the loop...

anyway I wrote up this whole mumbo jumbo graduate level quantum information stuff cos I have been reading that this entire day and I find the Ekert 91 protocol for QKD very very interesting and how they use violations of Bell's inequality to prove that the quantum channel is secure.

Anyway i have become so involved with the physics shit that I cant stop talking about it. Anyway its just that I have a test on monday on it and I have to study for it and im lucky that i find it interesting.

Life is all fine. Sb started abusing me yesterday suddenly on the realization that one find day in 2006 she made a mistake of leaving her ex bf(whom I dont really admire) and start "goin out" with me. If a girl leaves a dude and goes out with me and then she regrets it, its not really my fault and abusing me wont help her anyway. Just some insecure girl screaming dosent bother me at all.

I managed to have 2 pints of erdinger again on friday night. Im simply falling in love with this delicious beer which is such a delight to drink.I can have atleast 4 pints of it I think in one setting.

My french class was terrible today starting with a test which I was totally unprepared for. I am now officially the buffoon and the slacker of the class and I feel im back to my high school status. Some 18 yr old girl who sits to me who will be goin off to cambridge soon makes an interesting conversation partner in the class. I donno whats happening with me and young girls nowdays. Although I know thats how nature has meant us to be,I feel guilty for no reason when I enjoy a conversation with a girl that young.

Thanks to my impossibly overloaded schedule, I hardly get to see human beings. Im either working in the lab or at home and the only meals I get are sandwiches from the cafe in our canteen which I et while working. So occasionally when i do go out somewhere or even when I decide to have my lunch at the canteen, I m suddenly struck with the realization that "some girls are really beautiful". This realization hits me like a ton of bricks because after this constant lab/home schedule I often forget about the existence of beautiful girls.

I should really give up on Nikki and start dating someone else. All they do is complain about life and be depressed and I have to get out of this visicious cycle. Although all she does is talk abotu how her life is shit, Nikki has the amazing opinion that I am inconsistent with my "feelings" for her. Anyway I have to find a fresh girl with a zest for life and date her. This time im looking for a singer cos I appreciate music so much and I would like someone who can sing and play the guitar with me. As usual she must be pretty and witty and I dont mind if it was Carla Bruni.

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