Saturday, March 15, 2008

Strange(r) Attraction

I think I am falling in love with a complete stranger. It may not be love, but I am strangely attracted to her in a strongly non platonic way. I see her almost everyday now on the bus and she is only there for five minutes before she gets down at her bus stop. But these for this five minutes, all I can do is admire her and fall in love with her.
I take the bus 198 from jurong east everyday morning to school. She is always there on the 9:25 bus when I get in. She is probably indian, but Im clueless from which part she is from. She is petite,beautiful and seems sharp as a whip. The amount of confidence in her movements I notice in the five minute time window I get impresses me. Maybe my attraction towards her are purely superficial and lustful but it has not happened to me in a while. She gets down two stops after I get up and goes to work. One of these days I hope to strike a conversation with her.

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