Saturday, May 3, 2008

Post Traumatic Exam Stress Disorder

Exams are stressful. No I don't mean that get up at 5 o clock drink 10 espresso and laborious preparation, but I also mean the psychological impact which comes along with it. Some exams come with tons at stake along with it and thinking that you have done badly means it can be career changing for you. My quantum information exam did not go as well as planned in spite of putting atleast 7 or 8, 12 hr days behind it which is horribly disappointing. To understand the monstrosity of the exam , part of one question required us to find the eigenvalues of 4 X 4 matrix on spot (people who know what eigenvalues are would know how terrible and impossible this is.) My other exam which is "Nano structure" went really well and I think I got everything right. Exams over and really emotionally battered I have to continue my Atom chip experiment.

Going back to a previous blog of mine, I had made a fleeting reference to a young girl in my French class who I enjoy a conversation with. The young girl who is actually got a name, Julie , was offended on reading my blog about calling her a young girl because apparently calling someone young means calling them stupid. Anyway I am grateful to Julie to make my post exam time very delightful providing an intelligent conversation and movie partner. I have gone with her for "Iron man" which turned out to be superb and then for frozen margaritas afterwards. I happened to go for "Other Boyeln girl" with her today only to run out of the theater with her because the movie was terribly suffocating. She seems to have this terrible impression that Im a mean man and she gets quite a kick from that. Anyway hoping to see more of her in the future before she leaves for cambridge.


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