Saturday, December 29, 2007

Random Facts at the end of the year 2007

The year is finally at an end (2007) and wat a year it was....phew....tosst turvy...emotional rollercoaster....using all the cliched words overused in trash american entertainment television..... but to look at it was not that bad a year....I finally got of out of qan addiction..careful not to get into a new one for several here are the facts now:

1) im in calcutta after a whole long year...strangely nothing much has changed since last year and not much of a difference.....saveda lot of money with generous friends offering to pay the bill......met some friends after 2.5 yrs was really goood.....but its good that im only here for a week...too short to get all attached and then be depressed when i go back to singapore

2) I sooooo wished i had bought my d80 with me to clacutta much to shoot....its just mind boggling...subjects...textures....drmatic lightning( specially in winter)

3) Its really sucky that im returning on the 31st of december....bit dramatic...though....but i have this belief that if I celebrate my 31st the year next I woulndt really want 2008 to suck

4) I have decided to lead a good life(shit i dont even know the spelling) atleast the first six mnths of 2008 and see how it leads...I have lost many of my principles and this time I have firm resolution to get them drinking and other unmentionables I have done throughout 2007

5) I have a ton of books to read ...which i have obtained and have to read them...some of them will be soo cliched that you would be sighing when u read the list :

Blind Assasin
Razors Edge
English August
The innocent man
Five people you meet in heaven

and now the bad ones:

Awaken the giant within
Rich dad poor dad

Anyway Ill be back in singapore tommorow and ill update the comics definitely....


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Ruhi said...

what's up with you? Haven't seen you around at all!