Monday, December 10, 2007

The Kingdom:Review

The Kingdom : Starring Jamie Fox and Jennifer Garner ... 7/10

I have been watching tons of movies lately...cos simply my exams are over and I dont ahve much to do. I happened to watch the kingdom twice not only cos I liked it also cos I happened to be with two different groups. Kingdom is about a team of FBI agents lead by jamie fox to investigate bombings on american citizens in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I wouldnt go on describing the story here if u want to read the story link is at:

Salient points of the movie include the local police cheif Al Ghazi who has more significant role than most of the American cast. Jamie foxx does the good know it all american ready to save the world kinda deal but Al Ghazi steals the show with down to earth realistic comments and in his naive way pointing how how ridiculous western culture actually is. The movie is believable in its content but has amazing action sequences with all kinds of weapons thrown in. If u want to watch a more interesting version of Syriana I would recommend watching this movie.

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