Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Major Spoiler: Cloverfield Monster Revealed:Yes I saw the movie and drew it

Yesss, I saw the moster before the rest of the world because the movie released in Singapore atleast 1.5 days before in the us and the rest of the world.
On top is the picture i drew of the moster(I wish i could have taken a shot in the theatre but i would have been arrested)
The top most picture is pretty accurate description of the monster,they never reveal where it came from or wat happened to it. Its like huge,huge dinosaur(see the small tank and people for comparision) and has this weird front leg,
The face of the moster is like a snake, with 2 inflatable bags of membrane which inflate when its breathing, I could not draw a proper pic because the face is shown only for a moment.
There are also these spider like creatures which fall from tis body which resembles the spiders from star ship troopers.
Movie is intense and lot of people die but it is also too short and inconclusive but its really fun to watch it.


Aphrodite said...

ur a spoilt sport...sobar jonne ruined the film..aye...neway...nice sketch...

mcgee face said...

I saw the film- its so hard to really even see the looks like one of those spitter things from jurrasic park and godzilla combined...its a way better movie than I thought- trust me...that poster does no justice of the monster...the monster is awsome...This is in my opinion- way better than any godzilla or godzilla-like creature movie...This tops the list.

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